California Gold Panning Links

Sutter’s Mill – California’s First Gold Discovery
In 1839, Captain John Sutter, of German ancestry settled in California with the intention of growing a agricultural empire in the fertile hills of the Sacramento Valley. It was here that Sutter built a fort to protect his assets. After ten years Sutter had acquired a great deal of wealth. He owned twelve hundred head [...]

Humboldt County California Gold
California gold is always found in the beach sands in some quantity along the California coast and the same is true for Humboldt County. In historic times the area known as Gold Bluff, hence the name, was a popular place for miners to try to strike it rich and it was believed by some that [...]
Del Norte County California Gold
Fine particle beach gold can be found on the Del Norte County beaches. Del Norte County is home to the famous Redwood forests. There are some undeveloped quartz veins that are privately owned at the Northeastern part of the county in the Klamath Mountains. It is unknown or pure speculation as to how rich these [...]
Siskiyou County California Gold
There are many, many places that have historically produced gold in Siskiyou County and many gold prospecting locations are available for recreation. Upwards towards two million ounces of gold were taken from Siskiyou County, located at the top of the State of California.  Siskiyou County has an amazing number of gold mines; some active and [...]
Modoc County California Gold
In Modoc County, near the Oregon border there are several small gold mines that overlap into Oregon’s Lake County, near Fairport, California. You might try the surrounding streams for placer deposits and Modoc County Gold. In the Modoc National Forest is the High Grade National Recreation Trail. On the trail there are remains of gold mines, [...]

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