Dakota Fred Hurt – Gold Rush Alaska – Acquisition of the Claim

Dakota Fred Hurt

Dakota Fred Hurt with some Porcupine Creek Gold

Fred Hurt of Gold Rush Alaska, also known as Dakota Fred recently discussed the acquisition of the Porcupine Creek claim in the first episode of season two of the popular show that airs of Friday nights on the Discovery Channel. It was an unpopular or maybe for a better word an impossible position he was put in, in order to purchase the claim from former owner Earle Foster.

Dakota Fred has explained that he had a standing offer on the claim as far back as five or six years when he and Earle had worked the claim before. At the end of season one, Fred told the crew that he wanted to work the claim with his own crew.

During the off-season Todd Hoffman forgot to send payment to Earle Foster and that prompted Earle Foster to put the claim up for sale. In fact, Earle Foster was already in the process of nullifying the Hoffman’s lease “before” Fred Hurt made a offer that included gold as part of the sale.

In a recent airing of an interview conducted with Fred Hurt, he stated that “he (Earle Foster) was basically rather embarrassed by the Hoffman crew…he was really embarrassed about the whole situation” and went on to say the ” he (Earle Foster) had numerous complaints from numerous organizations, such as the Small Miners Associations. Mining and Safety Health Administration got involved heavily.”

To some it could be perceived that Fred Hurt was taking advantage of the Hoffman’s, but it is my opinion that even though the situation was uncomfortable, Fred Hurt did nothing wrong, as Earle Foster was already in the process of nullifying the lease.

Scripted? Maybe, but it makes for some interesting television. If the show is true to some extent, you cannot blame Dakota Fred. I have stated all along that Fred Hurt was the most experienced and the crew did not want to listen to the person with experience. I wouldn’t want a crew that dislikes you either. I like Fred, or at least the way he was portrayed on the show. “Hey Fred, take me mining with you! I am sure you have never heard that one before.”


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