Gold Rush Jimmy Dorsey – Did he get a fair shake?

I recently did a telephone interview with Gold Rush Jimmy Dorsey who has appeared on the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush Alaska. In my interview it was clear to me that this was a man who admitted he had no real experience in panning gold or gold mining. So who is really responsible?

Yes, part of the show was cut out, so the viewers only get to see about 20% or less of what actually happened. But never do I see Jack Hoffman, the only one with mining experience, take Jimmy Dorsey to the side and try to teach Jimmy Dorsey. Jimmy clearly stated in my interview with him that he did not even classify the material. Who’s fault was it that Jimmy Dorsey did not know how to pan for gold?

In case you have not heard…Gold Rush Alaska is scripted. That’s why everybody who is sitting at home is thinking…”What a bunch of idiots.” The reason is somebody in that group would have spoken up…but they wanted the show to present all these problems that a fifth grader could have seen in advance. The reason why the show is a success is because it allows common people who know absolutely nothing about gold mining sit back and watch a show, of which they have no background or knowledge in and feel proud of their intelligence.

The consensus from the mining community is they are ticked off at the show. They unfairly portray gold miners and I was offended because they were from Oregon, being from the State myself. Gold prospecting and gold mining is under attack from environmental groups and you have to ask yourself…”Was the show created to present some propaganda against mining?”

Gold Rush Jimmy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey

To the main point of this article. Did Jimmy Dorsey get a fair shake? In the final episode they made Jimmy look like a felon, an idiot and a fool. As the crew members played back accounts of them destroying Jimmy Dorsey’s house/dwelling, they laughed and smiled, as they recounted the scene.

In the last episode before the tell all…I noticed they edited Jimmy Dorsey out of the Gold Rush Alaska title. This all happened right after my interview with Jimmy Dorsey and he told me the show was scripted. I personally think that the Discovery Channel was not too pleased that Jimmy Dorsey spilled the beans about the show. So did he get a fair shake? He fully admitted he lacked the instruction and knowledge of gold mining? My other question is “Why the hell didn’t somebody show him? I believe it was because they never had any intention of keeping him on the show. He was the target.

Gold Rush Fred Hurt

Fred Hurt

Jimmy Dorsey has been gaining knowledge about gold mining, taking courses at a mining school in Nevada. I am willing to bet that Jimmy Dorsey now knows more than Todd Hoffman and  his crew put together. It would not surprise me to see him on season two of Gold Rush Alaska back at Porcupine Creek with Fred Hurt, the veteran outsider who arrived to turn the operation around at the behest of the property owner Earle Foster. Fred has decided for season two he does not want the Hoffman’s there and wants to run his own crew. I have a feeling that maybe Jimmy Dorsey will be there and I do think that Fred Hurt and his crew, whomever they are…will get more gold than Hoffman’s crew.

Read my original interview with Jimmy Dorsey here:

Gold Rush Alaska Jimmy Dorsey Interview


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