Oregon Gold Panning Links

Explosives and Mining
Story and photos by Jack W. Peters
When operating a mine, anything that reduces wear and tear on your back and equipment is a great idea.  That is why for many mining operations, large or small, blasting makes sense.  In many cases, from tunneling to moving large boulders, there is no other feasible way of doing [...]
Win a Half Pound of Gold
You might not know it, but the Eastern Oregon Mining Association ( EOMA) and the Waldo Mining District have been fighting stifling and unrealistic regulations  by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Those at ODEQ rub elbows with many environmental organizations that want all gold mining to cease permanently. Gold Miners understand that there must [...]
Gold Rush Alaska Jimmy Dorsey Interview
I, Edwin Waters recently did a interview with Jim Dorsey of Gold Rush Alaska, the television reality show about Gold Mining that airs on the Discovery Channel.
Oregon Gold : How has the response been on the street after appearing on the show?
Jimmy Dorsey: I think overwhelmingly positive. A lot of people want to know what [...]
Coyote Creek, Golden Oregon
Near the town of Wolf Creek (a town so-named for the creek that runs through it, also known for gold) is a small ghost town known as Golden, Oregon. It is easy to find and not far from I-5 in northern Josephine County. I recently took a trip to see for myself  this historical mining [...]
Black Cat Mining Review
Black Cat Mining is mainly a online gold prospecting merchant. Most people do not know that Black Cat Mining  also has a store located in Harrisburg, Oregon. Harrisburg is located on Highway 99 East between Eugene and Corvallis not far from I-5. There has been a bit of confusion by some who have visited oregongold.net. OregonGold.net [...]

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